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   If you want prints.  They can be ordered through my e-mail. Prints sizes can be from 5"x 7" to 17" x  22" sizes.  Depending on the photo or photos that you choose from. The photo may not accommodate the size you would like.  Please specify which picture you want and I will see if I can print to the size you want.  After choosing the print and size of the print, you will have to give me the location where you would like the print to be ship to.  I will get a quote on the price for shipping!  If there is any handling charges at borders you will have to cover the cost also.  Please do not order a print until I give you a quote for the total price. I will except Visa, Master Card.


    There are also various types of paper that I use for printing.  The papers are all OBA - Free meaning they increased longevity and color consistency under different lighting. Each photo is printed on an Epson printer that uses pigment Inks. These inks are all archival, meaning they will last much longer then regular inks.



  5 x 7________ $10.00 + Shipping


  8 x 10_______ $20.00 + Shipping

11 x 14_______$30.00 + Shipping

11 x 17_______ $34.00 + Shipping

16 x 20_______ $50.00 + Shipping

17 x22_______  $55.00 + Shipping

Shipping cost includes materials used for shipping !

Please ask for a complete price quote for the shipping charges!

Thank you

If you are interested in any other photo sizes, I will try to accommodate your request.


All funds are in Canadian dollars

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